Wednesday, March 2, 2011

,,,,,,, ThEy aRe mY WORLD !!!

Here I dedicated this sayings to both of my Mama n Papa...

Thanks for always being there...
Hard times, easy times, Always,
A great life was given to me cause of you,
Nothing I ever say can say how much I love you for it,
Knowing right from wrong is something you taught me..
Thank to both of you...

Mom don't worri I will always need you,
Of course when I leave things will be different,
More then ever I will still be near...

And dad I will always be your little Angle,
Now I know that I need you both more then ever,
Didn't want to admit it but its true....

Dad and Mom have given me a lot,
And I don't know how to ever repay you for all of it,
Don't ever think that i don't appreciate all that you have done because I do.

Thanks for everything and I love you and will always do .........

 ~ My Papa N My Mama......... =)

CreDited to Little Angel !!!

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